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  • IgoliStar Queue Management

    Are your clients tired of waiting in long queues? Do they know where to go when they enter your building? Igolistar has the products that will solve any queuing situations and lead to better customer satisfaction.


Our "Q in a Box" solution is a perfect solution for the smaller businesses with up to 3 separate linear queues. It is a completely wireless "Next Customer Please" type system, widely used in businesses across the world.

iGoliStar’s flagship queue management system, will assist you with organising waiting lines. Our system will prioritise customers according to rules specified by the client. There are many ways to prioritise these queues. 

iGoliStar's Customer Interaction Management is a central server solution. Streamline documentation, and following up on customer-agent interactions. Manage customer records complete with full interaction history.

iGoliStar is a Queuing Solutions and Customer Experience Management company. We cater for small to large, single or multiple branch, businesses and organisations across South Africa.  We have also served clients across the border, so don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

People are naturally impatient and don’t want to waste time standing in queues.  Our software and hardware solutions will solve the issue or, at worst make it more bearable for the customer and assist management with reports on service levels and help identify productivity issues.

From the club on the corner, that needs simple queuing poles, the doctor needing an online appointment scheduling system, to the government department that needs to organise how people queue, our services provide a better overall customer experience - the happier the customer, the more they will use your business.

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