Linear Queuing (Hardware)
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Linear Queuing

iGoliStar's Q in a Box solution is a quick to deploy, feature rich, “Next Customer Please”, system.

This solution is perfect for:

1. Smaller centres, businesses or shops with up to 3 queues
2. Centres where the queue is not split over multiple areas
3. Noisy environments, where a person calling a customer in the queue is not practical


Increase Service Efficiency

  • Our Q in a Box linear queuing system will dramatically transform the way you manage customer flow. The “Call Forward” system directs customers to the next available service point using a digital voice and/or audio cue as well as directional arrows and text display on a LCD/LED monitor.
  • The Q in a Box system will allow customers to easily see or hear when the next service point is available, and where to go, thus, making business faster and more efficient.
  • It optimizes customer throughput and increases service efficiency. Our unique three-button remotes allow a single agent to pull customers from (up to) three different lines; virtually eliminating agent down time and customer frustration of “going to the wrong queue.”
  • Efficient service promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty – our Q in a Box solution can make this all possible.

Entertain, Inform, and Educate your Customers

Keeping your customers engaged while they wait in line can reduce perceived queuing time by up to 50%. Our advanced media capabilities ensure that your customers waiting in the queue, are kept informed and entertained. 

  • Promotional stills or video can play between queuing prompts to keep customers engaged.
  • Up to 6 different interrupt modes allows media to play in full-screen or as a split screen message.
  • Use the built-in LCD display or connect your own monitor.
  • Multiple media formats: .bmp, .jpeg, .mpeg, .wmv

Ready to go right out of the box . . . or customize content to your exact specifications

  • Q in a Box is simple to install. Just plug it in and turn it on!
  • Q in a Box is powerful queuing management system that can be configured to your exact needs.
  • Q in a Box allows you to easily choose audio alerts, multi-language voice prompts, dual voices, and custom text and images to customise your queues.
  • Q in a Box has a one-of-a-kind configuration simulator that allows you to view your set-up in real time before going live.
  • Choose Q in a Box's pre-installed alerts, voices, and images, or create your own, customise fonts, background image, sound, and text for each individual agent’s screen

Q in a Box’s flexibility meets your changing needs

  • Q in a Box comes standard with advanced features. Advanced features generally cost thousands more on a competitor’s systems. It can be configured from almost any Windows PC, and its media can be quickly updated by swapping out a simple flash drive.
  • Need station lights to flash overhead or security doors to unlock? Q in a Box can handle that too. The wireless technology allows it to quickly and easily be installed almost anywhere, yet it is a self-contained system, so your other networks are completely safe and unaffected.
  • Q in a Box has wireless technology, which makes it easy to add or move station remotes – up to 99 stations.
  • Q in a Box can wirelessly control numerous peripheral devices such as station lights or security doors.
  • Q in a Box is a self-contained system that works independently from your other networks, keeping proprietary information safe and secure.

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