Non-Linear Queuing (Software)
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Non-Linear Queuing (Software)

Igolistar is a reseller of the internationally known and used product called Q-Flow®, developed by 
Q-nomy. Q-nomy operates in South Africa as well as globally. 

Q-nomy's queue management system is sold in South Africa, because igolistar's main goal is to help you organize your waiting lines by providing visitors with an easy ordering method – based on “first in first out”, pre-scheduled appointments, or more sophisticated methods.

The Q-Flow® system provides easy audio-visual means for directing customers, friendly user interface for agents to manage lines and call customers forward, and useful tools for managers to control the level of service and get performance stats.

Benefits of Product:
• Organize your lines and enforce business rules – appointments, priorities etc.
• Reduce the perceived waiting time and improve the level of service.
• Entertain waiting customer with integrated digital signage.
• Analyse performance and service level data to streamline your customer service and reduce operation costs.

Unique advantages of Igolistar Queue Management:
• Central server can be scaled from single point-of-service to any number of branches.
• Easy maintenance: remote configuration of system, no need to install software or hardware at agent counters.
• Hardware independence – install any kiosk, displays, audio equipment etc.
• Complete flexibility to match any business requirements.

Main Features
• Reception / 'Take a Number' – either self-service (Windows/iPad Kiosk) or human (greeter/receptionist).
• Agent functions – open and close counter, report back-office work and breaks.
• Line control functions – call next customer, call specific customer, transfer to other line, silent call.
• Abandoned customer functions – declare abandoned customer, call again, returned customer.
• Scheduled appointment functions – call by appointment time, declare no-show.
• Smart routing functions – identify customer at arrival, set business rules for priorities, route to specific agents, hold/release functions, allow walking time, allow load-balancing between agent groups.
• Service documentation functions – describe interaction using free text or pre-defined transaction codes.
• Online Reporting – view online agent activity, waiting time, aggregate (department / branch / region) real-time service level and performance.
• Historical Reporting – view statistics based on agent activity, waiting time, aggregate (department / branch / region) service level and performance parameters.
• Alerts – send online messages indicating long waiting, long service duration, too few agents, VIP customer arrival, or any other rule-based alert, displayed onscreen or sent to Email / SMS.
• Ticket format – print customer name, greeting, service, promotional message, time of arrival, unlimited text and images.
• Customer Directions – using screens, LED signs, audio (automated voice), text message (SMS).
• Screen display format – show waiting customers, line length, waiting time, multiple services and messages, alongside complete digital signage functionality.
• Scalable to any number of branches, departments, lines and agents.
• All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, and done remotely from server affecting all branches immediately.
• All user interfaces are web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.

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